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We offer comprehensive protection of the employer in labor relations. In my activity, we use the win-win strategy, when all parties are winners. Our goal is to solve the problems of the employer, to protect it, and to enrich our professional experience.




  1. independent assessment of the current situation in HR management and identification of possible risks in the case of non-compliance with statutory regulations  of regulatory bodies;
  2. good possibility to quickly implement a set of actions to restore correct paperwork by implementing the recommendations of HR audit;
  3. a real chance to avoid complaints and other financial risks in case of lawsuit  of employees;
  4. well-built labor relations with employees and the strengthening of labor discipline;
  5. preparation of HR records keeping for audits and monitoring by the authority state bodies;
  6. support in the case of the audit supervisory authorities;
  7. flexible pricing policy.
  1. small companies that do not have a staff lawyer, an HR specialist, HSE manager;
  2. companies which is going to be tested or that have just finished checking with penalties the supervisory authorities ;
  3. companies that often change HR specialists or managers;
  4. companies wishing to protect themselves from lawsuits employees, including difficult cases;
  5. companies that want to increase the effectiveness of human resource management;
  6. foreign companies that start business in Russia
  1. HR audit - analysis of HR records keeping in the company for compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation with the elements of analysis of the system of personnel management; To understand the depth of the problem sufficiently of express audit within one working day. The result is the report for the customer which contains recommendations about protection the employer.
  2. The creation or restoration of compulsory primary personnel documents (orders on core activities, orders on staff, personal cards of employees, registers, etc.).
  3. Creation of local regulations that protect the interests of the employer within the scope of the Russian legislation (including mandatory regulations, job descriptions,  policies and procedures, which build are effective basis for human resource management system).
  4. Trainings for your employee about HR records keeping, if the company does not have a staff HR specialist.
  5. Consulting in the field of labor relations, legal & accounting consulting .
  6. Organization of visa and migration support for foreign employees (CIS and foreign citizens);
  7. Optimization of business processes: "Photo Workplace" - the study of work time and production workflow.
  8. HSE Consulting, the development of local normative documents on labor protection.



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