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If you as an effective manager to pay attention to accounting and workflow, formed in accordance with the rules and in accordance with the Russian legislation, the creation and implementation of documents in the area of labor relations -

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The main problem of HR management in Russia is not even in the absence of qualified staff. The problem is that the Russian HR managers blindly copy Western HR technology, which do not work here in Russia due to two simple reasons. The first is the Russian mentality, and the second one is the Russian Labour Code. Therefore, labor relations in Russia, it is not just a relationship of purchase and sale of labor power as goods, this is a special branch of legislation, the legacy of which we have received from the Soviet Union. Therefore, a worker in Russia has more rights than the employer who is weakly protected by law. Besides, an employer for various reasons do not pay enough attention to labor relations, a correct HR records keeping.

As a result, the employer is not protected before the check of the authorities and also its own employees in the case of labor disputes that happen often. In addition, HR  records keeping and compliance with the requirements of the Labor Code is very closely related to accounting and taxation.





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